Hi-Tech Garage Doors is your neighborhood garage door company for quality service and repair. Our team is happy to help you out with safety inspections, tune-ups, and new door installation. We enjoy helping our neighbors in Denver, Colorado.

We’re Available for Emergency Service

We always have technicians on call to help you out. We can fix your door 24/7 every single day of the year, even on holidays. Our team will go right to work to fix your door quickly with quality parts for a lasting repair.

Prevent Your Door from Breaking

A great way to prevent your door from leaving you stranded is to get it serviced regularly. During a tune-up, we’ll inspect your entire system and find small problems before they become bigger problems. Your door has many metal parts that are prone to rust.

It’s important that rust is removed quickly before it corrodes through parts and causes them to break. A simple way to reduce friction and wear from all the daily use is to make sure the moving parts of your door are generously lubricated. Some simple maintenance from you combined with an annual professional tune up will help your door stay in tip-top shape and last for many years.

What Features Do I Need?

We typically will do a safety inspection in conjunction with a tune-up. This is important to have one at least once a year to make sure the safety features on your garage door are still working. When we come out for a safety inspection, we’ll inspect the following: Warning labels: We’ll make sure they are placed where they need to be and are still legible

  • Door panels: We’ll check for damage and wear or areas that could lead to pinched fingers
  • Emergency release handle: This is important as it will disengage your opener in case of an emergency and allow you to manually open your door
  • Automatic reversal system: This prevents entrapment by reversing as soon as the sensors come into contact with anything
  • Wall switch: We’ll make sure it’s mounted high enough to be out of the reach of children
  • Door operation: We’ll also check the overall operation of your door

Schedule Your Safety Inspection

Hi-Tech Garage Doors is standing by to help you out with your garage door in Denver, Colorado. If you need to schedule a safety inspection or if it’s time for a tune-up then give us a call! Our team is waiting for your call.